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    ASBA Supplemental Retirement Plan
    Manage your time and save 15% off non-dated products

    ASBA is proud to offer its members a way to plan for a secure future or enhance their current retirement savings by opening an ASBA Supplemental Retirement Account administered by Independent Plan Coordinators (IPC). Non-Qualified Tax-Deferred Annuities, Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs are available through this offering that is FREE to ASBA members.

    Visit www.ipc-va.com/asba.htm or call IPC at 1-800-368-3515 to learn more. You can also view a complete brochure or download an enrollment form.

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    Smart Equity
    Save on mortgage interest costs and more

    Many people are shocked to find out that they will be in their 70's and even 80's by the time their home is paid for. Interestingly, and quite unknown to most borrowers, is that banks pick the date that a mortgage will be paid off. It is done with little or no discussion with the borrower. The bank's focus seems to be payment amount and the next date changes are made to the mortgage. 

    The Smart Equity software system tracks and manages not only your mortgage but also credit cards and other loans at the same time. The program focuses on lowering the effective rate of interest on all loans and gives you an 'end game' strategy for being debt free. The big feature is that once implemented the program goes on 'autopilot' and coaches the client until debt freedom is reached. Users of Smart EquityTM save on average over 100,000 in mortgage interest costs and pay off credit card and other consumer debt 72% faster.

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    Legal Club of America
    Receive Discounts on Legal Services

    You and your family will have access to a nationwide network of over 20,000 plan attorneys that have contracted with Legal Club to provide free and discounted legal services. Upon enrollment, you will be referred to a plan attorney based on geographic location, area of law required, and language preference. You may use as many plan attorneys, practicing any area of law, anywhere in the country as often as you like.

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    Tax Hotline
    Discounts on tax services


    Not all programs available in all states. Subject to regulatory terms.

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